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We specialize in all things Asphalt. Asphalt Doctor can combine multiple solutions for your asphalt needs to accommodate budgets, capital improvement and maintenance!


Seal-coat/ Slurry Coat Our team is trained to apply an even coat of Specialize Sealer to your parking lot. This Sealer replaces many of the binding elements into your Asphalt's top layer, protecting it from water damage, deterioration, traffic damage and other harsh elements. This can Triple the life expectancy of your Asphalt and save Thousands in costly repairs.


Striping your parking lot. Whether you need your existing Lines repainted, or you want to change the layout to your parking stalls we can do it!


Don't forget the small detailed work! We also install poles, signs, and bumper blocks to complete the project .

Grading: We prepare for new construction by compacting, leveling and moving earth to create proper elevations and drainage for the new parking structures.

Paving: No project is too small or large for Asphalt Doctor. From removing small sections of damaged asphalt to designing and constructing new parking lots we do it all! Take a look at our blog to check out some recent projects!

Patching- Continuous running water across asphalt can erode and damage the parking lot! Hot mix asphalt can be applied to these areas prior to Sealcoating to build up and repair the damaged section of Asphalt,

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