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Asphalt Starting to Crack?

Is your Asphalt starting to gray, deteriorate and crack? Are the parking stalls so faded that parking is becoming a concern?

Let Asphalt Doctor take care of it for you. By adding Slurry coat or Sealcoat to your parking lot not only will it make your parking lot look fantastic, but it also prevents costly repairs for you in the future.

Our product spreads evenly over any asphalt surface to seal it off from damaging water, gas and oil spills, and protecting from any harsh elements. This will TRIPLE the life expectancy of your Asphalt for Pennies on the Dollar. Don't wait until it is too late. Call us now at 661-437-5995 to completely seal and stripe your parking lot today!

Notice the difference on the side that has chosen not to maintain their asphalt.

In this parking lot, there were many potholes that needed Asphalt patching to repair. Then two layers of Sealcoating are applied.

The Sealcoating will fill the cracks and protect the existing asphalt. Note: Sealcoating/ Slurry Coating will not completely fix the cracks, but it will prevent the cracks from spreading and causing additional damage. This is why it's a good idea to maintain your parking lot and prevent the cracks.

Once the Sealcoat drys, the next step is to repaint the lines. This process not only make your parking lot look fantastic, but it will make it last for years to come!

What is your parking lot saying about your business?

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